European Holocaust Research Infrastructure - The Austrian Consortium

EHRI-AT connects archives, museums, commemorative organisations and research institutions in the field of Holocaust research, documentation and education in Austria.

EHRI-AT works towards making source material on National Socialist crimes in Austria findable and accessible through a digital research infrastructure.

EHRI-AT fosters cross-border cooperation and promotes research on the various groups of victims of the Holocaust.

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More about EHRI's mission and vision

EHRI Services

Below are some of the innovative services created by EHRI for use by all.

EHRI Portal image
EHRI Portal

The EHRI Portal is the search engine for information on Holocaust-related archival holdings in Europe and beyond.

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EHRI Document Blog image
EHRI Document Blog

The EHRI Document Blog is a space to share ideas about Holocaust-related archival documents, and their presentation and interpretation using digital tools.

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EHRI Podcast image
EHRI Podcast

In each episode of For the Living and the Dead, a Holocaust researcher talks about an object that tells a very personal story about the Holocaust.

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EHRI Geospatial Repository image
EHRI Geospatial Repository

The EHRI Geospatial Repository contains data sets that enable to create maps and use spatial approaches in Holocaust research.

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EHRI Online Editions image
EHRI Online Editions

The EHRI Online Editions provide access to digitised annotated archival documents and connect archival holdings through a thematic approach.

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